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Wasso Primary School, Tanzania

Providing funding for teaching assistants and incentives for teachers

Wasso School was one of the first Tanzanian schools we sought to help. Over the years, UK volunteers on self-funded trips have refurbished classrooms and installed donated furniture.


Should you visit Wasso School you will notice the uniforms resemble those worn by children in the UK. That’s because they were. Parents of schools in Hampshire have donated uniforms which are now worn with pride amongst the students.


Shipping containers have proved incredibly helpful in finding a solution to the costly and time-consuming construction process in rural Tanzania. The availability of skills and resources makes building anything new a challenge. At Wasso School we converted a container into a library, filled with new books.


We’ve employed teaching assistants, given staff paid incentives based on performance, provided food plus cooks and cookers, and provided training and mentoring.


Wasso School is now named as one of the six most improved in the country, something we’re incredibly proud of, as we continue to work together for continued improvement.


We have continued to support Wasso Primary School to ensure that young children in the remote area of Northern Tanzania are given as good an education as possible to maximise their chances of moving on to secondary schools. We do this by providing funding for teaching assistants.


We give incentives to teachers based on their students’ performance. In the last 12 years since we have been supporting Wasso Primary School, the school has grown from 320 pupils in 2010 to 818 pupils in 2022. The number of classrooms remains the same, with only three more Government teachers, this creates a pupil to teacher ratio of approximately 1 to 74 pupils per class. The 3 teaching assistants bring this down to 1 teacher per 58 students, a significant improvement.