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Other African donations

Occasionally there will be a requirement for a one-off donation, which we’re happy to assist with
  • We supported the Tanzanian President’s inspiring initiative to ensure that every child had a chair to sit on, and a desk to work from in their classroom. Children were previously seated on rocks and the floor. tGF donated £138,000 to buy 4,977 twin tables and chairs to eliminate the shortfall in the Arusha region in 2016. Sitting 3 and sometimes 4 to a table, this directly improved the experience of education for hundreds of thousands of students. 


  • When Covid-19 hit, and inevitably spread across the globe, we knew the potential impact on the communities we work with in rural Tanzania could be devastating. With limited infrastructure and access to healthcare, it was a concern. Whilst we felt relatively helpless being so far away, and with limited resources available due to global shortages, we did what we could, with a large donation towards hand sanitiser. Our contacts were also in regular communication to ensure that whilst our Tanzanian communities were not locked down as we were in the UK, they remained safe and conscious of the danger, and continued to deliver on the projects that carried on in our absence.