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Mama Sylvia Primary and Pre – Primary School, Njorieti

Working together to achieve great things

Mama Sylvia School is one of the largest tGF projects we’ve been involved with. We commenced the school in 2020 after building two classrooms and an office and were eager to support the new school to improve the teaching and learning environment for children, many of whom travel several miles on foot each way to attend classes. 


The key to this project is to bring together all the interested parties required to make it a long-term sustainable success. 


The school has grown to 189 pupils in 3 years. The pupils numbers are due to rise to 250 next year and to grow to 700 by 2027. 


Following the building of two classrooms and a teachers office, we have provided a further 3 classrooms and a store, to welcome even more children from the Ngorongoro District. We also provided 4 teacher assistants along with teaching resources and are in the process of building two playgrounds and a fence around the school.


The village community provided the land, the Government provided 2 classrooms and we also have the commitment of the Local and Regional Councils together with the District MP.


A significant part of the success has been the management of the project by our Senior Education Consultant, Peter Manjalla. Prior to joining tGF 7 years ago Peter ran one of the most successful primary schools in Tanzania. 


Peter and the Headteacher of Mama Sylvia School have produced a detailed 4 year plan which the tGF Board has approved. This is a substantial commitment by tGF, which we believe is required to ensure the future success of the school.


The village community built the original mud house classroom with rocks as seats and provided two teachers. They have donated 25 acres of land, tables and chairs, and the original toilets. tGF registered this land designated for a Government school. 


The Regional Council built a road to the school. TASAF (the Government’s Tanzanian Social Action Fund) provided two teacher’s houses and a new toilet block. 


In 2023 KWF the German Federal Government Foreign Aid Organisation built a staff room and two further classrooms bringing the total number to 9. 


The Mud House Children’s Foundation are providing a borehole which is a significant addition to welfare of the children and teachers. 


The District MP has visited the remote village to see the school firsthand on several occasions and he is giving it his full backing.


Mama Sylvia School will be a Government School going forward and the District Government officials are going through the long process of registering the school. They are totally committed to its development and are already providing support as needed. The Regional Government is set to approve the registration by the end of 2023. 


All of this demonstrates how together, we can achieve our goals.