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Borehole project in Njorieti village

In collaboration with The Mud House Children’s Foundation

tGF funded 50% of a borehole in the Njorieti village, a project delivered by The Mud House Children’s Foundation. It was incredibly challenging and it was through their determination and tenacity that it happened. 


As part of the developments of Mama Sylvia’s School, tGF wanted to supply fresh water to support the children’s health and welfare. This is an essential element of the creation of an outstanding school.


One of the great things about this project is that it has a holistic approach where the water not only goes to the school, but also to the village, used by thousands of Maasai from many surrounding villages. This assists parents to be healthier and their livestock to be of a higher quality.


This was a big undertaking as the borehole took three attempts to find suitable fresh drinking water. The Mud House Children’s Foundation final report makes very interesting reading, detailing the process and challenges to successfully deliver the project.